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The Development of Modern Counter-piracy Initiatives in Southeast Asia: Vietnamese Boat Refugees and Alternative Incidents 1979-1997

Robert C. McCabe Maynooth University Introduction Between 2009 and 2012, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), a specialised division of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), recorded 648 reports of actual and attempted pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia and … Continue reading

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Swimming in the ‘Fishpond’ or Solidarity with the ‘Beresfordian Syndicate’: An Analysis of the Inquiry by the Subcommittee of Imperial Defence into Naval Policy, 1909

Keith McLay Canterbury Christ Church University Modern histories of the army and navy have long recognised that these institutions are in respect of their external and internal relationships, sui generis, political. The former relations, typically manifest in a competition for … Continue reading

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Taking the Moral High Ground: The United States, Privateering, and Immunity of Private Property at Sea

Michael J. Crawford Naval History and Heritage Command On 12 April 1961 President John F. Kennedy lodged with the secretary general of the United Nations the 1958 United Nations Convention on the High Seas, which the Senate had ratified. 1 … Continue reading

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Changing American Perceptions of the Royal Navy Since 1775

John B. Hattendorf Ernest J. King Professor of Maritime History, U.S. Naval War College There are many dimensions to a navy. At its most obvious, a navy is an expression of a nation’s power, but at the same time it … Continue reading

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Naval History and Heroes: The Influence of U.S. and British Navalism on Children’s Writing, 1895-1914

By Hazel Sheeky Bird Independent Scholar, Great Britain At the beginning of the twentieth century, a great number of navalist books were produced for children in Britain and America. 1  Navalism, namely the belief that sea power is integral to … Continue reading

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Strategic Logic of the American “Pivot to the Pacific”

William Kyle University of Mary Washington, Class of 2013 Five years of Obama administration foreign policy are now in the history books as we continue to move beyond the Global War on Terror era. While the jury is still out … Continue reading

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Learning to Fail: Lessons for the Twenty-First Century from the Pacific War

Brent Powers Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Introduction As the U.S. military finds itself several years into its rebalancing to the Pacific, with an unspoken focus on China, today’s naval officers would recognize the conditions that their pre-World War II forebears faced. … Continue reading

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National History Day 2014 Documentary: “Vietnam POWs Taking Responsibility when Deprived of All Rights”

A National History Day documentary by Jethro Abatayo and Logan Gibert Pleasant Valley Middle School, Vancouver, WA Editor’s Note: Established in 1974, National History Day (NHD) is an award winning, non-profit education organization offering year-long academic programs that engage over … Continue reading

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The Warrior’s Influence Abroad: The American Civil War

By Howard J. Fuller University of Wolverhampton Quite simply, the Warrior altered the course of the American Civil War. This isn’t something that’s made its way into the history books—literally thousands of them, more and more, when it comes to … Continue reading

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Two Captains, Two Regimes: Benjamin Franklin Tilley and Richard Phillips Leary, America’s Pacific Island Commanders, 1899-1901

By Diana L. Ahmad Missouri University of Science and Technology By 1900, with the acquisition of Guam in Micronesia and eastern Samoa in Polynesia, the United States had successfully expanded its borders into the Pacific Ocean. The Department of the … Continue reading

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Strategy, Language, and the Culture of Defeat: Changing Interpretations of Japan’s Pacific War Naval Demise

By Hal M. Friedman Henry Ford Community College Military historians say that military history is written from the perspective of the victor. Japan’s naval defeat in the Pacific War, however, provides a highly arguable case. Much of the translated postwar … Continue reading

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Somalia: Lessons from the Past

Victor Enthoven Netherlands Defense Academy, Free University of Amsterdam 1. Introduction In the early 1990s, organisations such as the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) began to register reports … Continue reading

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When Dreams Confront Reality: Replenishment at Sea in the Era of Coal

Warwick Brown King’s College, London This paper examines in the forty years leading up to the First World War how different navies, particularly the British and American, approached the problem of providing “free and unrestricted movement of their fleets” by … Continue reading

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The Ugly Duckling: The French Navy and the Saint-Domingue Expedition,1801-1803

Philippe R. Girard McNeese State University Abstract: The article surveys the naval aspects of the Saint-Domingue expedition (1801-1803). During this expedition, the French Navy played a multiplicity of roles, including transporting troops to the Caribbean, assisting amphibious operations, patrolling the … Continue reading

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