Dec 2003-Apr 2004: Vol. 2, Issue 3 – Vol. 3, Issue 1


Editorial – Reasons for a Double Issue and other Matters
Gary E. Weir, for the IJNH

Papers from the Symposium on John Ericsson and the Revolution in Naval Warfare 1850-1880
Swedish National Defense College, Stockholm, 14 November 2003

John Ericsson and the Transformation of Swedish Naval Doctrine
Jan Glete, Stockholm University, Sweden

The Royal Navy, John Ericsson, and the Challenges of New Technology
Andrew Lambert, Kings College, London

John Ericsson, the Monitors, and Union Naval Strategy
Howard J. Fuller, King’s College,
London—Department of War Studies

Additional scholarship:

“A State of War Is a Most Unfavorable Period for Experiments”: John Dahlgren and U.S. Naval Ordnance Innovation During the American Civil War
Robert J. Schneller, Jr., U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington D.C.

The Guns at Filipstad: Some Reflections on the John Ericsson Bicentennial
Howard J. Fuller, King’s College,
London — Department of War Studies


Martin Daunton,Trusting Leviathan. The Politics of Taxation in Britain, 1799-1914 Cambridge University Press, 2001.
Just Taxes. The Politics of Taxation in Britain, 1914-1979 Cambridge University Press, 2002.
A Dual book review by C.I.Hamilton
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa.

A. Jay Cristol. The Liberty Incident: The 1967 Attack on the U.S. Navy Spy Ship. Washington: Brassey’s, 2002.
Reviewed by John Darrell Sherwood
U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington D.C.

Will Fowler, The Commandos at Dieppe: Rehearsal for D-Day. Harper Collins Publishers, 2002.
Reviewed by Paul Dickson

Norman Friedman. Terrorism, Afghanistan, and America’s New Way of War. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2003.
Reviewed by Robert J. Schneller, Jr.
U.S. Naval Historical Center
Washington D.C.

Wayne Michael Hall, Stray Voltage: War in the Information Age. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2003.
Reviewed by Timothy Wolters
National Air & Space Museum,
Smithsonian Institution

C. Douglas Kroll, Commodore Ellsworth P. Bertholf: First Commandant of the Coast Guard. Library of Naval Biography, Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2002.
Reviewed by P.J. Capelotti
Pennsylvania State University, Abington College

Alex R. Larzelere, The Coast Guard in World War I: An Untold Story. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 2003.
Reviewed by Dennis L. Noble
Sequim, Washington, USA

Brian Lavery, Horatio Lord Nelson. New York: New York University Press, 2003.
Reviewed by Robert J. Schneller, Jr.
U.S. Naval Historical Center
Washington D.C.

John Fass Morton, Mustin: A Naval Family of the 20th Century, Naval Institute Press, 2003.
Reviewed by David F. Winkler
Naval Historical Foundation
Washington D.C.

Curtis L. Nelson, Hunters in the Shallows: A History of the PT Boat. Washington, DC: Brassey’s, 2003.
Reviewed by Gregory Weeks
The International University
Vienna, Austria

Edward Steers, Jr, editor. The Trial: The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of the Conspirators, Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 2003.
Reviewed by Jan K. Herman
Historian , U.S. Navy Medical Department,
Washington D.C.


Historical Research in the Digital Era: Techniques, and the More Obvious Pros and Cons
Howard J. Fuller
King’s College, London, Department of War Studies.


Announcing a new volume dedicated to Late Nineteenth Century Spanish Warships:
Buques de la Armada Española a través de la fotografía (1849-1900)
By Coello Lillo, Juan Luis and Rodríguez González, Agustín Ramón.
Reviewed by Carlos Alfaro Zaforteza,
King’s College, London

News from the U.S. Naval Historical Center:
1. Colloquia on Contemporary History 2003-2004.
2. A Guide to U.S. Naval History

News from the Grinnell College Libraries
Naval Microfilm Offered for Sale

Upcoming Symposia, Conferences, Meetings for 2004
Compiled by Dr. David Winkler, Naval Historical Foundation

North Atlantic Society for Oceanic History, Annual Conference
May 6 – May 8, 2004. Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Unique Photo
USS Texas (1895-1911)
Probably photographed prior to the Spanish-American War.
U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Naval History Links
The Ever-Growing List

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