Mission and Structure

Mission Statement

The objective of the International Journal of Naval History is to provide a pre-eminent forum for works of naval history researched and written to demonstrable academic standards. Our hope is to stimulate and promote research into naval history and foster communication among naval historians at an international level.

IJNH will welcome any scholarly historical analysis, focused on any period or geographic region, that explores naval power in its national or cultural context. The journal will remain completely independent of any institution and will operate under the direction of an Editorial Board that represents various regions of the globe as well as various genres of naval history.

IJNH Administrative Structure

The Editorial Board will have the ultimate decision-making responsibility for journal policy. They will vote by two-thirds majority on significant policy matters presented to them by the editors or on issues raised by their own membership. The Board will consist of eighteen scholars of international reputation serving for a period of three years. The editors will nominate replacements for board members whose terms have expired. In addition, the board may choose to renew any scholar whose continued services are desired. The editors themselves will serve as full members of the board.

Rather than asking any single person to assume the considerable burden of managing this journal, the IJNH will have its operation managed by a team of three editors. If at any time an editor wishes to leave the journal, he or she will find a competent and dedicated scholar who is willing to take up the task. The editors will produce the journal three times per year after publishing twice [April and October] in the IJHN’s inaugural year. Beginning in 2003, the IJNH will appear in April, August, and December.

Editors and board members will serve as dedicated volunteers, without remuneration. The journal will appear on the web, without subscription

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