Grace Hopper: Computer Communicator (National History Day)

Tyler Kaus
National History Day

Tyler Kaus of Chadron Senior History School was honored in the History of Physical Sciences and Technology with his documentary entry titled, Grace Hopper: Computer Communicator. In an interview with local news in Chadron, NE, Tyler had this to say:

“I was introduced to National History Day in 6th grade. It was an opportunity for me to participate in an extracurricular activity that was not athletic-based. When I learned that I could use my computer skills it seemed like the perfect activity. In addition, I really enjoy history.

I decided to research Grace Hopper because I am interested in computer technology and programming. I chose a documentary because I felt there would be enough visuals to make the topic engaging. I feel it is important to study Grace Hopper. She made many contributions to Naval and women’s history. She also demonstrated the capabilities of women in a field that was primarily dominated by men. It was her contributions in the area of communications that created a legacy that shaped computer software development and will continue to make an impact on future computer technologies.

One of the things that surprised me [while researching Grace Hopper] was her sense of humor. After watching interviews and recorded lectures, her personality really came through. She was a very witty, no-nonsense lady. I would have loved to meet her or listen to her in person.

This National History Day project has been a valuable experience. I enjoyed the online archives and learning the research process. I also spent many hours developing my documentary to demonstrate her work and how it affects us today. I needed patience in order to create pieces, and line up my words, pictures, and effects. All of these skills will help me in the future.”

You can view the documentary by clicking HERE.

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