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The Rise and Fall of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, 1900-1918

Stanley D. M. Carpenter Professor Emeritus, U.S. Naval War College At 1645 on 31 October 1918, onboard the flagship of the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Navy, the red-white-red ensign of the Habsburg Navy fluttered down from the jackstaff.  Rear-Admiral (Kontre-Admiral) … Continue reading

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An Unatoned War Crime of the First World War: The Sinking of a Hospital Ship by U-86

Ulrich van der Heyden University of South Africa, Pretoria German War Crimes during the First World War?  Even a hundred years after the beginning of the First World War, 1  some segments of the German media still glorify submarine warfare … Continue reading

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Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1815 — 1837

John Rodgaard1  Captain, USN (Ret.) Words such as admiration, contempt, cooperation, and hostility might describe the Anglo-American naval relationship that followed The Napoleonic Wars. Yet, that relationship formed the framework for today’s Anglo-American naval partnership. Examining the Anglo-American naval relationship … Continue reading

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Kamikazes: Understanding the Men behind the Myths

Michael Anderson1 United States Army Officer In the western military tradition, the popular, common understanding of the Japanese kamikaze of the Second World War inspires images of lone, suicidal modern-day flying samurai knights devoid of empathy with a seemingly fanatical … Continue reading

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Neptune’s Commandments: Invented Traditions and the Formation of USS Alabama (BB-60) as an Imagined Community

By moving through and responding to USS Alabama (BB-60) as a place—not a space—Lindstrom and those of his shipmates who participated in the establishment of the ship as a memorial park, or in crossing the line hijinks as enlisted sailors decades before, arranged their worldviews into similar structured and meaningful “centers of felt value.” Continue reading

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Network Survivability in the Age of Great Power Competition

ENS Joseph P. BunyardUSNA 2020 Voices of Maritime History Prize Essay Executive Summary Question How can the United States Department of the Navy (DoN) continue to leverage its advantages in Network Centric Warfare (NCW) in a communications contested environment? Key … Continue reading

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Call for Papers and Reviewers

The International Journal of Naval History (IJNH) is back in operation. After a two-year hiatus, IJNH is once again ready to welcome submissions from scholars, including junior colleagues still in school, seeking a forum for their research. The editors invite interested individuals … Continue reading

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